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Founded in 1823 in the town now known as Ennepetal in South Westphalia, Germany, Altenloh, Brink & Co. was the first in that country to produce screws on an industrial scale and looks back on a long tradition dedicated to progress. The most well-known product manufactured by the global, family-run company is the SPAX screw, which revolutionized the fastener sector.

On its 200th anniversary, ABC has eight locations in Europe, the USA and Australia dedicated to the manufacture and sale of innovative products in the three growth sectors of construction and trade, medical, and life science. The company, which is still completely family-owned, collaborates with 40,000 retailers across the globe and employs 1,250 people


Join us to celebrate the big anniversary of ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. and take your chance to win one of 11 great prize packages.


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