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We at ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. US are proud to manufacture engineered fasteners under the SPAX brand for the construction market, TRUFAST for the commercial roofing industry and TRUFASTWalls for exterior building envelopes and facades. 


ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. is located in the northwest of Ohio where more than 330 dedicated employees operate a 200,000 sq. ft. complex comprising of engineering, manufacturing, administration and warehousing in Bryan and a 100,000 sq. ft. heat treat and packaging facility in Pioneer. In our location in Grand Rapids, MI we develop, service and distribute the TRUFASTWalls branded products. Additionally we operate several warehouses around the USA.


Founded in 1981 in Bryan, OH, as TRUFAST, the company began manufacturing and distributing unique and better performing fastening solutions for the commercial roofing industry.  In 2006,  ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. – a German based global leader in the manufacturing of fastening solutions for the construction industries, and recognized for its SPAX brand – acquired the ongoing TRUFAST operation.

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