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SPAX® and TRUFAST® Celebrate 200 years of ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO

Bryan, OH, July 2023


ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO (ABC) is celebrating an unbelievable milestone of two centuries of existence! Founded in 1823 in the town now known as Ennepetal, Germany, ABC was the first in that country to produce screws on an industrial scale and looks back on a long tradition dedicated to innovative progress. The most well-known product manufactured by the global, family-run company is the SPAX screw, which revolutionized the fastener sector and continues to be one of the most innovative fasteners in the marketplace today.


The dawn of industrial screw manufacture

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO was officially established on September 8, 1823, by five founding fathers, Daniel Altenloh, Theodor Altenloh, Wilhelm Brinck, Franz Riecke, and Johann Wellershaus. ABC had asserted itself on the European market with high-quality products and more and more countries turned to the fasteners made by ABC, which at this point was becoming synonymous with a symbol of the highest quality. That early dedication to quality continues today.

Inventions and innovation pave the way for global success

The years that followed were marked by innovation and a pioneering spirit. In 1967, ABC revolutionized the screw market with the launch of the premium fastener brand, SPAX. Today, SPAX continues to be seen as a premium, cutting-edge screw manufactured at both ABC facilities loacted in Germany and the USA with global impact. Fueled by its huge success, ABC established various subsidiaries and locations all over the world between 1986 and 1996, thus extending its international reach even further.

Nikolas Dicke, great-great-great-grandson of co-founder Daniel Altenloh and current CEO of Altenloh, Brinck, & Co. Group, states “The entrepreneurial spirit of the 5 founding members of our company lives on in the organization today. Each member brought a skillset and a strength to the group; coupled with significant drive and determination, their idea came to life and grew into what is now a global leader in fastener manufacturing. We are excited to see the company grow and evolve in the years ahead.”

ABC in constant growth

In 2003, the global ABC Holding was founded with the three independent companies ABC Umformtechnik (until 2021), AZ Ausrüstung und Zubehör (until 2017) and SPAX International, which continues in existence today. ABC tapped into a new sector through the acquisition of SABEU, whose innovative solutions in injection molding and membrane production are in demand all over the world for use in laboratories, the packaging industry, and medical technology.

The acquisition of the US roof fastener manufacturer TRUFAST and a SPAX production site in Ohio propelled the company's internationalization even further. TRUFAST is well-established in the commercial roofing industry and has been a trusted partner for OEM system manufacturers for more than four decades. In 2017, ABC US purchased the company that is now TRUFAST Walls, offering fastening solutions for the building envelope.

Jason Beals, CEO of ABC US, states, “Building on 200 years of global excellence, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US proudly looks to continue the significant growth that has defined our organization since the US operations began as TRUFAST in 1981. Our exceptional team will continue this growth in the coming years and decades by delivering better products and services, through our valued customer relationships, that fasten the framework of our communities. While our products will continue to evolve and our teams expand, our passion of building opportunity through growth will remain steadfast.” ABC US is headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, with a satellite office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Local leadership and involvement in local communities is integral to the US operations.


ABC today in figures

On its 200th anniversary, ABC has eight locations in Europe, the USA and Australia dedicated to the manufacture and sale of innovative products in the three growth sectors of construction and trade, medical and life science. The company, which is still completely family-owned, collaborates with 40,000 retailers across the globe and employs 1,250 people.

Charlene Swank, VP of Human Resources, ABC US, says, “Our culture, built around our core values, is what differentiates us from other employers. We care deeply about the growth of our people and the communities we serve.”

Celebrating 200 Years

ABC US commemorated two centuries of business by hosting an evening celebration for employees and significant others near the ABC US headquarters in Northwest Ohio. The evening consisted of live music, food and drink, and international guests from the holding company’s board of directors and German leadership team.

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The Altenloh, Brinck & Co. Family

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